Embrace Your Journey

SOULITUDE was born amidst the challenges of 2020, including the impact of COVID-19, driven by the mission to embrace and foster self-care. In times past, many of us grappled with constant distractions, drowning out the opportunity for self-reflection amidst the daily noise. The pandemic served as a poignant reminder to redirect our focus inward, encouraging healing, upliftment, and nurturing of our roots.

Explore the SOULITUDE collection, meticulously crafted to be your ideal companion on the ongoing journey of self-discovery. Our products, thoughtfully made in Guatemala, showcase ethically sourced and sustainably produced textiles, skillfully fashioned from native pre-Hispanic cotton and upcycled denim. Our vision is to redefine self-care as the new standard while maintaining a commitment to responsible citizenship and environmental stewardship. Welcome to a world where every product embodies the essence of mindful living.

  • We use 100% natural cotton that is locally grown and preserved of its natural colors alongside upcycled threads to create dye-free sustainable textiles.

  • We are proud to work with local Guatemalan artisans (80% of them are hardworking mothers & daughters) to create products with handwoven textiles.

  • SOULITUDE products have been
    mindfully designed so they can
    be the perfect companion as you
    continue on this journey of self-

Our Partners

Algodones Mayas

Our products are made from handwoven cotton that is locally grown and preserved of its natural colors such as the brown hues that can be seen on some of our bags. Our partner, Algodones Mayas, is committed to preserving Guatemalan heritage by using native raw materials to weave textiles much like Mayans used to do back in the day.

The New Denim Project

The New Denim Project, a 3rd generation family-owned textile manufacturer & wholesaler operating in Guatemala since 1956, produces fabrics and yarns made from upcycled denim. Their closed-loop system has minimal water and energy usage and is free of toxic-chemicals and dyes.